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Following information and procedure can be used in case the goods you received from us are damaged or non-functional, then please follow this complaint procedure.
In case of return of goods due to withdrawal from the purchase contract, please follow the instructions here.

Important notice when buying a battery watch:
The battery is inserted in the watch by the manufacturer. This is an ordinary "starter" battery, which is not a fixed part of the watch. If you are buying an older model of a watch that has been in stock for a long time, the watch may have a weaker battery. It happens exceptionally, but it can happen. If the watch stops, it is usually only necessary to replace the battery. Any watchmaker will replace the battery. Weak or discharged starter battery, for older and discounted watches, is not a reason for a complaint, it is not a defect and the "starter" battery is inserted in the watch for your comfort, it is not part of the watch. In any case, you can contact us at any time.

If you wish to claim or return the goods, please contact us by email:

We will try to recommend the most suitable and at the same time the fastest solution to your problem with the goods.

Complaints are always handled as efficiently and quickly as possible. Where the nature of the defect or defect allows, it is handled locally by experienced professionals so that the goods do not have to be sent for solution to suppliers or manufacturers and you have it back as soon as possible. If the nature of the defect so requires and the goods must be sent for evaluation to the supplier or manufacturer, you will be contacted to arrange further action.

Since 2015, we do not have a single unsolved complaint, we always try to meet the customer's needs. At the same time, we also expect a fair approach from the customer. Thank you.


Complaint form to download - please fill out: complaint form (PDF)

Complaints Procedure
Products covered by the right to file a complaint must be handed over for assessment as soon as the defect is discovered. It must be clean and with the appropriate documents and a description of the defect, possibly marked the place of the defect.

How to proceed with a complaint

1. In case of a complaint, please contact us first. Unless we agree otherwise, fill out the complaint form. Then send the product to the "contact address" address listed in the contacts on the website. The shipment should be complete (including accessories and all documentation) and in the condition in which you received the goods upon delivery. Please enclose a proof of purchase with the goods. Please always use wrapping paper or cardboard so that the original packaging cannot be pasted, labeled or otherwise damaged during transport. Do not send the goods as cash on delivery, in such case the goods will not be accepted. We recommend that you insure the shipment.

2. The goods must be properly packed for transport so that they are not further damaged. We recommend bubble wrap, never send goods only in a box from the manufacturer, such as in a watch box only.

3. Defective or damaged goods will be repaired, replaced, a discount on the purchase price will be offered or the purchase price will be refunded.

4. The goods must be accompanied by all documents that the buyer received with the goods, such as invoice, warranty card, etc.

5. The seller does not accept liability for damage resulting from the operation of the products, functional properties and damage from improper use of the products, as well as damage caused by external events and incorrect handling. Defects of this origin are not covered by the warranty provided either. In the case of goods where it may be needed, they must be properly serviced (this applies, for example, to screws, when they can be expected to loosen during normal use, etc.)

6. For hygienic reasons, the goods are accepted for complaint only properly cleaned.

7. If the manufacturer provides a longer warranty, it is listed with the goods in the catalog. In this case, the goods will be sent to the manufacturer and the classic deadlines do not apply to the resolution of the complaint, but are governed by the conditions of the extended warranty.

8. You will be informed about the settlement of the complaint by e-mail or SMS. As with the delivery of the order, you will be informed about the shipment of the package and the delivery date.